Monday, July 24, 2006

Well, great news to tell you. Last thrusday I took jo up to Redmires reservoir, we had a picnic on the hill and I asked her to marry me, she said "Of course I will". I put a ring on her finger and we had a nice walk around the lake, taking it all in, getting used to the idea. So we're planning to get married in January or Febuary, plenty to plan etc. Here's a picture of us a few months back at Matt and Liz Wisbey's wedding, I'd give you a more recent one but I don't have a digital camera, so I'll have to scan some in. If you want to see us moments after the event look at Jo's blog ('My Lady' on the links side).

This week I'm at new wine north near newark, helping to run a cafe and providing so musical entertainment on the decks. Jo's not here so I'm missing her, especially as I'm telling everyone the news and they ask if she's here! But It's going to be a good week to chill out and stop a bit having had a hectic month working and fitting a new bathroom in my house.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Four and a half months in, still going well with Jo, met the parents at easter. Currently I'm thinking about moving to Shire Green, where Jo lives, in order to join the work they are doing up their, and work out whether Jo and I might work there together long term. But talk about cross-cultural mission, it'll be a big change. Most of the men who live up their my age already have children!
Djing's finished for the while, althoough that hasn't stopped me buying records. Have been experimenting a bit at church with spoken word, so may do more of that. Hoping to put some mix tapes together, maybe set up a myspace account, but as I've said before, I'm not he greatest with technology. Still not on broadband, as I've tried but the line is rubbish, so it's been a bit of a pain. That's still my excuse for not updating this more often!
Currently I have been enjoying listening to Gnarles Barkley, Joseph Malik, Breakestra.... looking forward to new albums, check out Matthew Herbert's new album Scale. Especially I've been following Gilles Peterson's shows on the Tokyo new jazz scene, some great stuff like Sleepwalker and Soil & Pimp sessions.
Well, maybe I'll get into this blogging one day.
Let me know if you read this, especially if you're not local!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

hey,my world has changed a little, and it's about time I informed those who are less close at hand. Five weeks in and still falling... in love with a beautiful woman. I've known Jo Lake for about 4 years, I used to be her small group leader, then she went to Equador with latin link last year to work in an orphanage. Since she got back to Sheffield in november she's been living in Shire Green helping to run a kids club called Stomp. Anyway, we got together after Christmas, and still discovering how much we have in common.
Still DJing on a friday night at the Showroom Bar, but it's nearly over as they've decided to ditch it. Since the 24 hour licensing kicked in every bar is able to be a 1am close so the 2am late license the showroom doesn't attract the crowd it used to.
Well, we're going to promote ourselves, probably under the name 'Midnight Player' or 'Nocturnal Artists'. Hoping to start again when the DJ competition run's out of steam.
I'll keep you updated in a month or so. let me know what you think.