Thursday, November 13, 2008

Having noticed I haven't written here since before we got married I thought I really should sort this out. It's nearly two years since the last post, married life is great. We lived in Sharrow for a while then moved back to Hunters Bar, where I have my house for 6 years. The main reason being that we'd have to put in Fire doors, amongst other things, if we wanted to continue renting it out. So we've had two lodgers, until recently. John Graham got married in October, Keitu moved elsewhere, and Josh recently took one of the rooms. The other is being refurbished for Sarah Brown, as well as waiting for me to install a chimney for a wood-burning stove!
It's all house projects at the moment, but we're getting there. Landscape Gardening is busy too, though I've been working mainly at home the last few weeks. But God is providing enough work through the winter!

Sorry for not keeping this updated more often. I know Mark B you'll appreciate it!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Well, work seems to keep coming in, we're booked up to christmas, and hoping for the new year. I'm pleased with how it seems to be going. Jo has started work, she's doing around 4 days a week including 9.30 til 2.30 on saturday, so we are getting used to a new rhythm of life. I'm enjoying doing a bit more cooking, currently making our christmas cake!

We've also started leading a small group at st thoms and hoping to campaign a bit now that we've started a monthly 'Speak' group with a few other graduate friends.

September and October have been amazing weather, it's a beautiful Autumn day outside!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Enjoying the fine weather, although slightly short of landscapeing work right now! Though this is mainly due to a shortfall between quoting and starting work. We've passed six months of marriage and enjoying being used to it, so now we have this foundation I'm trying to make sure I focus on the stuff I've neglected. It's a difficult ballance going from living independently on opposite sides of the city to being with eachother for most of our spare time!

I've been trying to re-focus on being with god, and making time on my own. Enjoying reading 'The Amber Spyglass', 3rd part of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' series, together with Jo. I'm also reading 'Wild at Heart'; a friend and I were considering writing a book in line with wild at heart, but from a more British perspective. Something on the lines of 'Being a Man in the 21st Century' written by 21st Century Men. The idea being that we ask different men to write a chapter each. So I'm enjoying finally reading W@H and getting an idea of the other literature available on the subject. Let me know what you think.

Thats all for now.
When you read this can you please pray for my Grandmother, who is dying from cancer. Pray that she will know paradise before she gets there.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Married now, nearly three months and beginning to realise this is my new life. Engagement is such a strange transition and a hard time, but now we are in our nice little rented house in Sharrow and enjoying it. It's been great to focus again on things we enjoy like cooking and going for walks, although I haven't got back to the music yet. That doesn't mean I've stopped listening to stuff, BBC 6music is my company at work, but I've not bought any music or sat with the guitar for a long time!

The wedding went fantasticly. Honeymoon was a good adventure; we went to seville, spain, and fez, morocco, for a week each, making the over land and sea trip inbetween. I would reccomend both places to travel, and could tell you many great things about them, but you'll have to get in touch to find out.

Landscape Gardening is quite tiring although very satisfying. We are currently building a 1.6m retaining wall with re-enforced concrete and everything!

Until next time, I might see you in facebook?!;*(&$%&!! who knows when.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

So, three weeks until we get married, I don't know if anyone follows this blog, but I thought I should update it. It's been a hectic 6 months since engagement, Jo's work has been really difficult, mainly because of the shift work, which has put our time together rare at times. We did, however, manage to take a good break at the beginning of November and spent a week in cornwall seeing the eden project and st Ives. What a beautiful place, even in dreiry weather.

Well, it's all gone very fast, and we'll soon be off in Seville, then fez (Morocco) for our honeymoon thinking "How did we get here?" Despite the difficulties of being with eachother I think we've managed to time things well, 6 months is good to be going out without the worry of planning a wedding, then 6 months to give you time to plan the biggest party of your live's!! It's all been fun, with a bit of hard work, but I hope everyone enjoys it and we've not damaged the planet or people much in the making! We're trying to make this thing as fair trade and organic as possible!

Next time I write I expect to be settled in a new house with Jo, living in Sharrow, enjoying the freedom of being able to see eachother everyday!
Thanks to all those who've supported us.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Well, great news to tell you. Last thrusday I took jo up to Redmires reservoir, we had a picnic on the hill and I asked her to marry me, she said "Of course I will". I put a ring on her finger and we had a nice walk around the lake, taking it all in, getting used to the idea. So we're planning to get married in January or Febuary, plenty to plan etc. Here's a picture of us a few months back at Matt and Liz Wisbey's wedding, I'd give you a more recent one but I don't have a digital camera, so I'll have to scan some in. If you want to see us moments after the event look at Jo's blog ('My Lady' on the links side).

This week I'm at new wine north near newark, helping to run a cafe and providing so musical entertainment on the decks. Jo's not here so I'm missing her, especially as I'm telling everyone the news and they ask if she's here! But It's going to be a good week to chill out and stop a bit having had a hectic month working and fitting a new bathroom in my house.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Four and a half months in, still going well with Jo, met the parents at easter. Currently I'm thinking about moving to Shire Green, where Jo lives, in order to join the work they are doing up their, and work out whether Jo and I might work there together long term. But talk about cross-cultural mission, it'll be a big change. Most of the men who live up their my age already have children!
Djing's finished for the while, althoough that hasn't stopped me buying records. Have been experimenting a bit at church with spoken word, so may do more of that. Hoping to put some mix tapes together, maybe set up a myspace account, but as I've said before, I'm not he greatest with technology. Still not on broadband, as I've tried but the line is rubbish, so it's been a bit of a pain. That's still my excuse for not updating this more often!
Currently I have been enjoying listening to Gnarles Barkley, Joseph Malik, Breakestra.... looking forward to new albums, check out Matthew Herbert's new album Scale. Especially I've been following Gilles Peterson's shows on the Tokyo new jazz scene, some great stuff like Sleepwalker and Soil & Pimp sessions.
Well, maybe I'll get into this blogging one day.
Let me know if you read this, especially if you're not local!