Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Thoughts 070404
I'm going through a time at the moment where I am humbled by how useless I am at being holy, at being a leader and at relationships. I think it's God's way of calling me back to him, both in terms of sin and pruning back after a time of fruitfulness, and extreme business (busy-ness).
I'm so driven to God in need of him, knowing his grace is the only thing that has sustained me over this last few months. One of the biggest blessings for me at this time is listening to Tim Hughs song:

I've had questions without answers,
I've known sorrow I have known pain,
but there's one thing that I'll cling to;
you are faithful, Jesus you're true

When hope is lost I'll call you saviour
When pain surrounds I'll call you healer
When darkness falls you'll be the song within my heart.

In the lone hour of my sorrow,
through the darkest night of my soul,
you surround me and sustain me
my defender forever more

I will praise you
when the tears fall still I will sing to you
I will Praise you
through the suffering still I sing; (Chorus)

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