Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I watched two films this weekend; Spellbound and The Last Samurai.
The formed was pretty funny, I recommend it have a laugh at American culture and what these poor kids have to go through.
The Last Samurai is fantastic, it really echoes in me of our own battles against progress. Progress seen as the God of the industrial revolution, and still very much a God today. Now we further bow down to money and material wealth, the samurai remind me of other monastic people, who know how to find peace in a corrupt world. If only we could also learn to say no to all the many distractions that surround us. I really struggle with the idea of living simply, I have so much, I am a hoarder, although I have recently thrown a lot of stuff out: or more accurately given it to oxfam.
The samurai are focused people who live in discipline, duty and honour, qualities I would like to be known be, qualities hard to find in today's world, but then you don't see them because the spotlight isn't on them. I hope I might learn to honour God and fight against my own consumerism in the same way the samurai do.
I may have more to say on this.....
Ben and Helen's cat is really cool, he's not only cute and stylishly grey, he's very playful but also affectionate.
Speak soon.....

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