Saturday, June 05, 2004

I find it really hard to rest, I don't mean sleep, I find it hard to do more passive forms of rest, it soon feels like it's fading off into meaninglessness, watching films, reading books, I can do these things when I need a break in work or other business (busy-ness), but when that's all you can do....
I came off my bike on wednesday, as some of you might know (ttai), came round a corner near church slightly too fast, on some gravel and there was a car driving on the other side of the road so I couldn't go wide. The bike came out from beneath me and I slid along the ground on my chin. I walked bleeding to church and Mary Hopkin's took me to hospital, stayed with me for about 4 hours. I had three stitches in my chin, two chipped teeth (not to the nerve), a fairly grazed face and further grazes on my hands, elbow and knees. I've got my glasses fixed (badly scratched), thank God, but the worst thing is eating as I bit into my lower lip when I fell and it's really saw. Well it could have been loads worse, I've had to explain it to everyone I see, so here's the record.
I'm getting back to normal really, it's certainly helped me not to procrastinate over sorting things out, especially as i'm going to Norway to see Miriam on tuesday. It's easy to get down at times like these, partly the shock I guess, but I don't do passivity well, and I haven't really spent time with god, I find it easier to do that on the move. I know that God is telling me to rest, so I'd better.
I've finished my Diploma (Landscape Management, 5th year), pretty sure I've passed, so what next? I've got plans, but the next few weeks I'm going to try to calm down. It's been a really hectic year in one way or another, 24 years old, life stretches before me, and I'm not going to just find purpose in doing things!!

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