Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I have just returned from the wonderful country of Norway.
The first thing that struck me when I arrived was that the sun seamed more static and further away, which it was. It's slightly colder there, more like spring weather, and it was pretty wet. It has been a good time to retreat from life in Sheffield, though I didn't find much time with God. Great to meet Miriam's friends and see another culture, though it's difficult when everyone is speaking a different language, they all understand you, but you cannot understand them! Felt quite lonely at times.
Went to a Norwegean wedding on saturday, they have some differences, the best, after exchanging rings, was having two candles representing the bride and groom, then lighting one large one and blowing out their own. Brilliant symbolism, I hope I'll do the same when I get married.
The other strange thing was how the norwegeans live on separate islands and therefore go everywhere by boat. In some ln places they've got over this by digging U shaped tunnels 250m below sea level under the fjords, ( couldn't see the signature of slaaty blaatfast though).
I bought a wonderful album by the Norwegean artist Thomas Dybdale (thats dib-dal) sings in English, and plays acoustic guitar, rather like Damion Rice.
Here's a poem I wrote on my return journey, it's not very poetic, but it says some of what's going through my mind:
Rocks, scarred out of the sea,
From high into the clouds,
Shaped into scoops of blue,
Quality reihns on the land,
Fortune pays for streets of granite,
sardines once lined pockets,
now cans are packed by another class.
Oiled from the ocean a rich nation
of beauty, delicacy, norse.
The feeling of exclusion of language
brought into inclusion by a touch,
I'm no enemy, I'm no long term friend,
Listen to my heart and I'll show you what I see
just a prayer, a connection to the one whome we're free.
This is where I loose all place
this importance of ritual familiarity
finding their roots, finding my feet.
A time of realisation
humility in helplessness, lonliness.

I was really blessed to stay with the cave's. felt like one of the family in a way I haven't experienced before...
Thank God, thankyou Norway.

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