Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well, FORM, the training course I have been part of leading, has now finished, so I've got some day time to write on this. I was dating/ seeing someone a few weeks back, it was really good but also a confusing time.... I wrote this poem:
Lost? 22/5/05

Well were do we go from here?
Will we fly off into space,
lost in each other and the world of grace,
'cause my thoughts are lost, confused,
I thought the excitement was falling in love
and now I'm lost where those feelings went,
turning to worry, buried under impress,
I'm just learning how to undress,
do I just make myself into someone else,
hiding the beauty of my true self?
It's so intense one on one on the test,
but this is no way to go left.
'Just be yourself' I tell my soul,
instead of letting an idea of me cloud
eating me up from the inside,
this is just searching and I'm on the right path.
just keep on walking and I'll find true love,
may not be here, not just yet,
but I'm embracing the darkness before me
I'm finding who's the best.

It went on for a few weeks, but I didn't feel it was going to go anywhere, but I thought you might associate with the feelings of the poem.
Gardening is hard work at times, but the weather has been amazing over the last month and hopefully I'll get some design work soon.
In the words of Lamb; I can fly, but I want his wings, I can shine in the darkness, but crave the light that He brings.
Here's to the new thing.......

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