Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ok, Okay, I should write again. But I must confess, the main reason I don't write on this thing is that I'm not 'wired to the web', I'm not a surfer, I'm only on dial up and I'd rather really chat to people in person or on the phone.
So I began to get people together a few months ago to have a community house, you may think commune, but it's not really that. The vision is to have a place where we share our lives physically (ie meals and things) and spiritually (prayer etc..). To create a place where we can invite our friends round on a regular basis, and therefore grow a wider community.
Well just over a week ago Ceri and Joe, young marrieds, moved out and for various reasons the vision is really on hold. As you may imagine it's been a difficult few months and we would appreciate your prayers.
What else is going on? I'm landscape gardening still, 4 days a week, which is great, hard work, but satisfying. The other day I'm helping to organise Kairos, our Sunday evening service for young adults. It's been hard work, but seems to be shaping well. We just need more 'community' (the buzz word!), or maybe I should say friendship, for those of us who are not part of the student world.

Other Thoughts
My friends band, Bromhead's Jacket, are brilliant and played live on radio 1 last night, check out their website.
Music: I was in a christian bookshop today and the worship music playing in the background was fairly bad. Not that the songs were bad, we sing quite a few of them at St Thom's, but so cheesy in how it was produced. On the other scale of worship music, Gareth Robinson's live album came out recently, which is really good. And I'm not just saying that because it's recorded at St Thom's and He's a friend of mine. I just wonder if there's a market for more alternative worship music, or to make Soul Survivour type worship a bit more alternative. I can't really explain what I mean, but I'd like to experiment more, and I think people might like it, and I don't just mean young alternatives like myself!
Let me know what you think.

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