Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Married now, nearly three months and beginning to realise this is my new life. Engagement is such a strange transition and a hard time, but now we are in our nice little rented house in Sharrow and enjoying it. It's been great to focus again on things we enjoy like cooking and going for walks, although I haven't got back to the music yet. That doesn't mean I've stopped listening to stuff, BBC 6music is my company at work, but I've not bought any music or sat with the guitar for a long time!

The wedding went fantasticly. Honeymoon was a good adventure; we went to seville, spain, and fez, morocco, for a week each, making the over land and sea trip inbetween. I would reccomend both places to travel, and could tell you many great things about them, but you'll have to get in touch to find out.

Landscape Gardening is quite tiring although very satisfying. We are currently building a 1.6m retaining wall with re-enforced concrete and everything!

Until next time, I might see you in facebook?!;*(&$%&!! who knows when.


miriam said...

hey! good to see you online againi finally got my acts together aswell..could you please either comment me or drop me an email of that tshirt company in us? that would be splendid.was great to see you two last week.enjoy the sun shining and strawberries perhaps?

miriam cave said...

also email me the details for your sisters thing, where it is at ie dates, times and whereabouts..and the website if thats ready or any "press-ish" information that you´ve got on her or some other website that might have written something about her or her art??pleaseplease.ta.miriam

Tambe said...

the t-shirt company is american-apparel, you should be able to google it. My sister's art show is on at Leeds Uni in the 'mine' bar this week. we went to the opening on sunday and really enjoyed seeing the video she's done of 'introducing tumbleweeds to the brittish landscape'. I'll let you know when her website is up and running.

Nick said...

Tim dude - how can i get in touch with you? I have a landscape garden related question? Would you mind emailing me or phone me via the King's Centre??

Cheers bud
Nick Allan